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Grey Water Systems

From Grey, to Green.

The importance of water conservation and doing our bit for the environment can’t be ignored.

If you’re interested in Going Green, installing a grey water system could be the perfect way to make your residential or commercial property more eco-friendly.

Grey water systems basically recycle the water used from your bathroom and laundry (that’s why they call it ‘grey’ water), collecting and then filtering the impurities so that you can go ahead and use it in your garden.

Even better, grey water systems can save you money on your water bill!

McShane Plumbing & Gas can help you install, repair and maintain your grey water system.

We can even provide a quote or some over the phone advice to see whether a grey water system would be right for you.

We’re experienced, local professionals dedicated to making your life – and the environment’s – easier. Whatever it takes.

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Grey water systems
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