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From minor leaks to major problems, our reliable expertise will quickly put an end to any plumbing pains you may have.

Drain Repairs

There’s nothing more draining than a broken pipe or drain.

They’re a major nuisance and need to be fixed fast.

But drain no more, McShane can sort you out.

We repair and maintain all types of drain pipes, sewer pipes and waste pipes.

We service Fremantle to Mandurah, every day of the year and provide 24/7 emergency plumbing services.

McShane Plumbing & Gas are committed to ensuring your inconvenience ends at your plumbing or gas problems.

We’re experienced, proudly local professionals who will turn up on time, fully prepared to work with you until your needs are met and you’re left elated and satisfied.

Get on with your life, not more strife.

Call us now if you have a broken pipe or drain.

We’d love to speak to you. 0429 589 707.

Drain Repairs
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