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Back Flow Systems

Are you aware that the law may now require your property to be fitted with a backflow prevention device?

Generally, commercial properties posing a medium to high risk of chemical contamination are required to have one of these devices fitted.

If you haven’t got a backflow system fitted, you could end up copping a hefty fine and penalties.

We understand you’d rather not have another thing to add to your list.

So if you think your property may need one of these devices fitted, or if you’re simply after more information to determine whether your property requires a backflow prevention device, give us a call today.

We’ll tell you everything you need to know and provide our expert advice, whenever’s easiest for you.

McShane Plumbing & Gas will offer their long-term expertise and technical know-how, to provide you with backflow advice, as well as the installation, maintenance and repair of these devices.

We’ll save you time and money, showing up on time and ready to get the job done to the utmost standard of service.

Our expert advice will also save you money in the future, so you can maintain and keep up to date with the law and keep your life running smoothly.

Back Flow Systems
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